New to electronics stuck on motor

Hey everyone!

I'm new to arduino/electronics but I have been reading a lot and have a general understanding.

I'm using an arduino uno with protoshield and mini breadboard and trying to get this little motor to just turn. I don't need to control the direction or speed.

Can someone explain what I'm doing wrong?

I have my 11 pin going to a 1.5V motor and the other end of the motor going to arduino ground.

I wrote a little script to "start" the motor using "digitalWrite(motor, HIGH);"

everything works fine if I replace the motor with an LED.

also if I switch the pin from 11 to the 3V or 5V the motor runs fine.

Sorry if this is confusing

I want to say the power from the 11 pin isnt strong enough to turn the motor. If what I think is right, the numbers pins are digital outputs, only only provide a little power (think servos, when you need a 5v, grd, and digital input).

You could maybe get a transistor, connect power to it, and have it switch using the digital output.

is it a simple two wire motor? Did you set the pin 11 as OUTPUT in the setup? Be careful of hooking up any motor directly to a pin. It might burn it out. Test your circuit with an LED first with a 220 ohm resistor soldered to it.

figured everything out!

used a resistor from 11 pin to an 2N22A transistor base from 11 pin, collector from 5V on arduino, emitter to a capacitor, motor, diode then grd.

thanks for the replies