New to forum and Arduino. Need help on Project.

Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and I just need someone to look at this circuit and make sure I have everything hooked up right. I'm using the arduino uno for this project. I already have gone through one because of being impatient and started trying everything I could and short circuited my arduino. That's why I want someone to look at this to see if I have it right. I have "buttons" written down because I couldn't find a switch to use, but they are there. What I'm basically trying to push one of the buttons to send a code to the arduino, and it will activate my MOSFET which in turn, will activate my Solinoid. I know I have the code right, I'm not sure about the solinoid setup though. Thanks guys! XD

What mos fet are you using?

Make the pull down resistors 10K not 20K. Also do the same for the FET's pull down. This will increase the noise immunity.

Is that a N channel fet?

Yes, I'm using a N-Channel mosfet. When you say "Also do the same for the FET's pull down" so I put a 10k resistor from the ground on the arduino to the 12v circuit? I'm not sure on what you mean by that.

The ground of the arduino must be connected to the ground of the 12V. The 100K resistor you have should be 10K.

Ignore that last comment, I misread it. Thanks for the help guys :smiley: Hopefully I will have my project finished soon so I can make a video and share it :smiley:

I am doing a project that is similar in the way it is set up with the MOSFET, I couldn't get it working so I tried setting it up this way and it still isn't working? although I'm using a digispark board instead. It might be something wrong with my code, I'm not sure. I'm a noob too and I have no idea what I'm doing :stuck_out_tongue:

Ninja, Are you using a N-Channel mosfet? Because there's different types of transistors and mosfets.

Link: Transistor / MOSFET tutorial - YouTube

yeah, I'm using an n-channel mosfet.

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