New to me AVR site that looks good!

Lots of projects, I found it looking up what a newbie did not and like what I saw. A little checking and I liked it more.

These are pros from what I see. They don't mention Arduino anywhere that I saw though. Still, it looks packed with useful info, hence this post.

I looked it up too and I don't agree.

It's all just ripped from all over the Internet. They make it look like it's their own material. Names, pictures and author information is removed from the articles and no credit is given to anyone. They do however mostly provide a link to the original article at the end of each article so if you like it you can go to the real source.

Well if you read the About Me, the guy’s a Project Manager- they don’t do their own work, they always use others and take the credit…

  1. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< smiley just in case

I'll feel less bad about using the site without donating then.

It's just a copyright violation site. You can't just copy someone else's content like that -- even if you do provide a link to the original.

Ech! The site is promoted by a Facebook clickfarm. I feel dirty just looking at it.

You could notify the originators given that the links to do so are there.