New to robotics.


I am not yet going to get into robotics, but a thought all the same:

If I am “playing with” a 3D thing and it is “spinning” on all 3 axis (pitch, roll and yaw) is there a BEST WAY to recover from this condition?

As in: The order in which the spins should be stopped?

Just wondering.

Umf...could you please elaborate your question a little? I mean, give more details about the study :~

A little confusing...Can you please elaborate your problem a little? I mean, give more details about the study.

In an airplane, reducing power and letting the controls go to neutral will often let things stabilize themselves given enough altitude. Once stable, can then recover control (i.e. pull out of a dive).


I don't know how much or how far I want to apply the "control" be it an remote plane, boat, or what ever.

I just want to get my head around the use of these gyro systems.

I have seen quite a few with nominal prices. So 2,3,4 axis ones.... Dunno.

Some of the links with the units of interest

This is only for reference.

Yeah, "RTFM" amd study them a bit more.

I am asking here to get information about them and their "limits" of use.