New to Stepper Motor

Hi, I am very new to Arduino.

I just purchase a stepper motor ( or and Easy Driver V4.2 to make an exactly same stuff what this person made (Dan Thompson: EasyDriver 4.2 Tutorial).

Question 1:
Please let me know which wire color (B, Y, G, R, W, and B) goes to A,B,C, and D in the first picture of this ( and which two wires are not connected to anything in the blog.

Question 2:
The motor works with 12V which is different from Easy Driver voltage 5V. Do I need to put anything to control (decrease) the voltage? Also, this is unipolar. I found that some tutorials for the Easy Driver recommend using Bipolar. Can I still use my motor?

Question 3:
Please let me know anything I should keep in mind not to burn Arduino, Easy Driver, and a motor.

Any advice and answer is very appreciated.


You seem to say you have a bipolar stepping motor and a unipolar driver. You can't use a unipolar driver to drive a bipolar motor.


If you have a unipolar motor you can use two bipolar drivers to drive it ( that's 4 H-bridges in all).