new true-SMD prototyping kit - open design

Hi all, despite I am newbie here, I am offering to community my recent open design kit for true-SMD single-sided/skillet prototyping. Its all about specifications only, I dont produce anything, simply I myself also needed something like this and it quickly born to quite nice idea (in my oppinion). Imagine that you design your small single-sided SMT PCB using 0R bridges instead of multilayering, place it on the raw predrilled UV-sensitive board (one of standardized sizes), develop/clean it, disperse solder paste, place components, cook it (skillet/oven) and finish pluggable connection method to slightly modified regular genuine Proto Shield board with option to convert such SMD "cards" also to bus/backplane solution by few extra standard steps... basic drawings are ready.

I sent also notification/request to "bizdev" (without reply yet - ya Christmas coming:-), due to naming of this thing. Its totally open and I definitelly will publish this for everyone, whatever name it ends with :-). Feel free to let me know how much are you interested in this little Christmas gift :-)

Arduino guys? Kindly please, can you peek at "bizdev" to tell me your oppinions?


I think it needs to be a little bit more open, I still have no idea what it is you are offering.


Sure, I will post everything here when I tweak PCB drawings and images, just to be absolutely clear what I mean. Now, if someone has 3D model (ideally for diptrace, as cant beat eagle yet) for precision DIP32 socket (wide) and HDR-2x8H / 2x4H angled headers, it can help me a lot :-). It isnt something new or revolutionary famous finally, but I currently like it and will share the templates.

Hello, I am only finalizing some specs and technology for easiest building of kit components - all diptrace 3D models are ok now, so during few days it may be published here. Any further simplifications will be welcomed.

Hello, specs draft is ready to publish, I expect during this sunday, 13.1.2013.


Here it is:,142491.0.html