Ok, so i\I've made several "high tech" robots using just micro-controllers. They've all used voice recognition and speech synthesis... What I was hoping to do was make a new robot controlled by a computer.. My problem, however, is that im at a complete loss on how to do so. How could I get started on this and is there any help or software that could assist me? Thank you in advance. :D

There are several way that a robot could be controlled by a computer. The computer could send data to the serial port. The Arduino on the robot could read it.

That sort of limits your range of motion, though. Got to run after the robot with the PC. Harder, if it's a desktop machine.

You could communicate wirelessly, using XBees or RF transmitter/receivers. This increases the range of motion, to potentially out of sight. Then, you need some way of seeing where the robot was.

What do you want the robot to do? Is the robot to be controlled (whatever that means) by an application on the PC, or by a web application running on a server somewhere?

Well if it were indeed possible for a relatively low budget hobbyist, I was planning on the computer doing most of the processing such as the Microsoft voice recognition then it sending serial characters to the arduino and the arduino carries out the commands. but i was also thinking applications for it, such as current time and webcam color tracking (assuming I could find good enough software and it were possible to get any useful data and transfer it) thank u very much for your help by the way :slight_smile:

Color tracking and other camera stuff is very easy with certain processing libraries, which also makes serial communication simple. I've made as a day project a little servo thing that sits on the computer and points at an object.

i would use and old Linksys WRT54g thats what im doing all you need to do is flash it with openwrt or dd-wrt and you have telnet , ssh , and scp access to the routeryou can even add an sd card and run debian on it ;D or just a simple pearl script so you can have a web gui. theres all kinds off uses for the wrt54g . if your interested i have a project im working on with a wrt54g and an arduino im calling WRTDuino and i am willing to share what i have so far. all commands are sent by a VB6 app i created and am still working on so if interested just drop a line and ill post a link :wink:

heres a few other links you might like all from a quick google search for wrt54g robot :

A lot of laptops, and some PC's, are fitted with bluetooth capabilities. The arduino can work with a lot of bluetooth modules intended for embedded applications (which are plenty). Heck, there even is an arduino board with integrated bluetooth module.

You could get the arduino bluetooth board and wireless communication would be simple.