new uno r3 board from elgoo kit -- can't upload, no L light blink

I purchased an elgoo starter kit which came with an uno r3 arduino board. The board is powered, I've checked the cables and I've tried reinstalling the arduino ide etc. The L light attached to pin 13 does not appear to blink upon pressing the reset button, this leads me to believe its an issue with the bootloader.

Please advise!

(does light on power, no can be used to power circuits via the 5v and 3.3v pins)

Perhaps it does not have a bootloader installed.
Do you have another Uno that you can use as a Programmer to load a bootloader?

Not currently, but I did place an order for an arduino nano the other day and I have ordered an stm32 microcontroller. I have a pi zero and thats about it aside from some 555 timers and the various bits and bobs that came in the sensor kit and the starter kit I purchased.