new user, making a simple button box with push on/off and rotary encoders


New to using arduino. I have used them before but they were sketches already completed. A few questions;

  1. Do I need to program sketches from scratch or is there a coded template to start with and I just use what I need and comment out anything I am not using?

  2. If I need to code from a blank slate as my title stated this will be for a simple box that will have 5 momentary push buttons and two rotary encoders (turn left right dials and push button, is there any tutorials out there?

I am not a programmer but I can self teach a good amount. I have read a bit into programming basics with C# , Java, etc but it's been a long time!

Thank you

After 45 years of programming I want to say that it is more difficult to read and understand unknown code than starting from a very small given sketch, learn and try things Yourself. To read existing code and understand calls for more experience than starting from a low level.

I was looking over the examples but couldn't find a simple on off button sketch. Do these boards need instructions for on off or just coding to state which pin is being used for that button?

There are examples for reading buttons safely. Robin2 knows them, I don't. Search for "Arduino button". Buttons bounce, makes contact and looses contact within milliseconds and that has to be taken care off.

If you look under the video there is a link to the details.

A bit weird to navigate around but if you look on the link page down the left hand side there are 4 different design files you can download.

Hope it helps.......

Edit... seems cannot download there anymore for some reason.
No matter, it's on Github.......

Not to mention these - in the IDE/file/examples/digital & language reference.