New user very stupid questions -pleasehelp

Hi all,

Just received a SainSmart Arduino Mega2560 R3with the TFT Shield and 3.2 TFT display, i have downloaded and installed the Arduino tools and drivers as well as the UTFT libraries etc..

I have built an example from the UTFT examples and uploaded to the hardware without any issue - but..

Do I have to reset after uploading to get the application to run? or do I need to send a command once uploaded? I dont have any documentation to understand the basics of how to get an application runnning once uploaded - the screen just stays white?

Any help please?


best is to start with the blinking LED example to see that the upload realy works.

Then you could do a second tests that prints hello world or whatever to Serial to see if that works..

I hang my head in shame..... a few minutes with the basic examples and now everything is working as expected...


Just some advice: don't put yourself down so much because people will not feel like helping you. It puts people off. Check out this: for more on the subject of posting.