NEW V2 MEGA Multi-Function PCB

Hi this is my new Design the V2 MEGA M.F / Multi-Function PCB.
Based on the ATMEGA2560. I just finished building up my new prototype V2 PCB all hand soldered.
spent lots time testing it just made a small BOBO on the MOSI/MISO lines going to the SD you mite see the 2 wire jumpers on the back. MY BAD// But its all running sweet as.

V2 MEGA M.F Features
ATMEGA2560 8-bit ATMEL Microcontroller
ICSP Socket for programing
12v dc Power Supply with Power Led and Voltage monitor
Microcontroller running Led
2x Spear Led
USB Serial COMs Interface with (TX/RX) Leds
TX/RX Header
4x External control Outputs
Xbee module socket
4way dip switch
4x Buttons
Rest button
1.8” TFT Display Socket
DHT22 Digital Temperature And Humidity Sensor
SD Card Socket
RTC clock with 3V Battery
4x Analog Input Sockets
12way Analog Header
7x Digital Spare Input PADs
8x Switch Inputs



More Photos


More Photos



More Photos

More Photos I will add more when I get time!!! :slight_smile:

:blush: :blush: just finished building up my second pcb just burning the bootloader at the moment then have a play get them both working on xbee. Time to have some fun

this is a great board. for my next design I mite use the 3.2" touch display that would make an even better board one thing I dont like about that display is all the digital Ports it uses so I mite have 2 Micro’s on it one for the display and the other for control and USB xbee and all the other goodies that whent into V2 but im so busy it will have to wait a few months.
I have an old arduino mega 1280 and solderd wires from that up to the 3.2" that I had sitting around and uploaded the code but nothing happends it just lights up white? This use to work oh well I fxxkd around for hours and nothing I went over it again an again stuff it ill just have 2 buy a new 1 with the shield and mega2560pcb.
Who thinks I should re design my pcb with the 3.2" tft is that a good idea I do like them 1.8" tft thay are so easy to use…
I was also thinking of using a 32bit Miro for the display I was looking at the arduino due but cant finx many suppliers for that chip. The other one would be the chipkit uno32 mirco would be good and I can use the arduino software to program it well the Mirochip modified software.
I orderd 2more 3.2" tft displays I also got the sheild so I can test my other one then I will know if its stuffed.

Here are some photos of my pcbs I was testing the xbee out yesterday

Hello, this is very good :)

I wish some days I will be able to do something similar!

Good job, karma ++ :)