New version of my Arduino documentation 1.16.5

I've just finished an update to my Arduino documentation (580 pages)

It has been published here before, but I've chosen to create a new topic for it.

Since the last version (1.15), I've made the following changes:

Added 6DOF MPU-6050 3 axis Gyro with accelerometer
Added three different level shiters
Added 3 complete sections about working with IOT on The Things Network (60+ pages)
Added Adafruit TB6612 stepper/motor driver
Added Stepper motor NEMA-17
Added PIR/Motion Sensor HC-SR501
Added Gas sensor LPG MQ-6

Version 1.16.5
(ie shortcut for Dropbox - Arduino documentation.pdf - Simplify your life)

Since Arduino is open source, I decided to donate this document to other Arduino fans in the world. As long as it is clear that I'm the author of this document, you can use this document for any non-commercial or educational projects.

I derived and simplified most sketches from samples that came with the corresponding libraries. Most schematics and most photographs are my own work.

Have fun with it. I certainly enjoyed writing it.

Leave a note here, if you pick up this document from my dropbox. It's is my working document, so I'll keep working on it. Come back and check the newest version. I'll try to build a blog to publish my documentation and will notify you all when it's there. In the mean time, you can download the newest versions from my dropbox.

Erik Verberne

Hi Eric,

I'll try to build a blog to publish my documentation

IF you would like to put that on http://ArduinoInfo.Info I would be happy to host it. Or if you want to install Wordpress or etc. on my host that would be OK. Or maybe you'd just like to keep it all under your control. Whatever works for you!

I will be abstracting some of your excellent material to fill in some areas of http://ArduinoInfo.Info

Let me know if you would like samples of my kits (HERE) to work with young people.

Thanks for your hard work on this!