New version of the SdFat SD card library

I have released a major update of the SdFat library

The Arduino SD.h library is a wrapper for an older version of SdFat.

Here is a post that compares some features of the new SdFat with the version of SD.h that was released with Arduino 1.0 beta1.

The new version of SdFat includes support for C++ style I/O streams plus many other new features. The new features are demonstrated in about 20 new examples.

Additional data logging libraries and example programs for GPS modules and fast ADCs are here

After my experience with your other examples, I wasted no time and downloaded right away!

Thanks, Mark

superb! thank you.

Replaced the old SDfat and encountered no problems other than it working perfectly ;)

I am still having fun and games with the SD cards using the waveHC library, that you suggested was best for audio files.

I am using the card to store 9 prerecorded messages of about 4 seconds each ( about 100k file size )

I have just looked at another couple of prototypes that I made that have failed, and it turns out that on the one card, it would only read tracks 1 to 9 , and cut off on track6, and on the other it only reads tracks 6 to 8 ! Both of these cards ( Kingston and Patriot ) are micro SD cards in a SD adaptor. I found another similar one and that only plays tracks 7 8 and 9.

I have tried them at 8 MHz and 4 MHz with the same result. The Vcc line is decoupled right at the pins of the reader.

A normal SD type ( which our local computer shop no longer stocks ) seems OK.

I scratched round the family for any old 128 Mb cards they might have laying around, and they all work OK ....

Should I update anything in the libraries while I am at it ?

How do they fail? Any error message?

What is the sample rate and sample size of the files? For example 16-bit samples at 22.05 ksps.

MicroSD cards sometimes have read latency problems.

There are no updates for WaveHC, just SdFat.

I only see the problem when I plug the chip into the project, so I have no serialPrint info.

The cards are running at BitRate = 352 Kbs A sample = 16 bit Chan = 1 mono samp rate = 22 KHz audio = PCM

I am OK with using 125 Mb older cards, but some might like to store larger/more audio files ?

The micro cards in the adapter look very cute , I wonder if they behave differently in a socket designed for them ?