New Wifi shield user - only wifi detect example works

Just started using Arduino Uno Rev 3 with Wifi shield. Wifi network connection example works (using WEP). Needed to modify example web server and client examples for WEP (seem to be WPA only out-of-the-box). Examples do not accept or make socket connections. I am aware there are firmware updates for the wifi shield (the procedures are quite complex requiring multiple external vendor utilities). I was hoping to at least get the samples working before risking the firmware updates. No luck so far.

Should any of the examples work at all prior to firmware updates?

What wifi shield are you using? There appear to be several different types.

The board says the model is WIFI R3

(1) Upgraded Wifi shield. (2) Upgrade appears to have taken (3) Rev number does not show a change (4) No change in behavior with IDE 1.0.5 (5) Down graded to IDE 1.0.2 (6) Samples now work (Network detect, Wifi client and Wifi server) (7) Don't know if Wifi shield updates mattered for the issue I was having