New with esp32 and having problems

Hello everybody,

I hope i posted it in the right section because im having problems with uploading codes on my esp32 in arduino ide.

So i followed every guide exactly , first how to download the esp32 in arduino so it shows up in Tools>Board.
Than trying a test with blink and stuff like that, but here is my problem.

It doesnt matter what code im uploading in the software, when i press upload i get some orange text but in the end i get:
Hard resetting...

I already tried uninstalling the software with the folders i downloaded, reinstalled the driver for the esp32.

First time i plugged the board into my pc with usb cable, my display went on and showing text like hello and stuff like that, now its just black and doesnt show anything.
I though maybe my board is dead, so i plugged in another board.
Same thing happends, before i got the text hello and now both screens are black.

This is my first time using arduino and esp32, did i forget something?

The ESP32 and ESP8266 are not standard Arduino boards. In a sense the ESP... community have hijacked the Arduino IDE for their purposes. You may get better advice on the ESP8266 Forum


A schematic of what you have connected and how would be a good start.

Then the sketch you are uploading but please use code tags for that ( </> )

Trying to diagnose something we cannot see or understand is like guessing a lottery number.
Help us to help you.