New Zealand Arduino 'Catch Up'/Maker Session/

Hi all, Tim from here. As a rather overly enthusiastic Arduino lover I’ve been really keen to start a regular get together for Kiwi’s interested in Arduino.
Running MindKits has shown me just how many people enjoy tinkering and building with Arduino and I thought it could be a great opportunity to start a monthly ‘worker shop’ aimed at putting us all in the same place once a month to share knowledge, enthusiasm, tips and tricks and maybe a little show-and-tell.
Now, whether this is a maker session or a pub beer-and-talk I’m not sure but I’d love to hear your thoughts - plus, I love beer.

MindKits Chief Ninja

PS: Oh bugger, one of my first posts and now I realise I probably should have posted in Workshops. Call it stage fright and forgive me please.

It’s probably helpful to mention your intention is for this to be in Auckland, which I assume it is? :slight_smile:

But for those who happen to be in Christchurch check out our Creative / Hacker Space group which welcomes any local Arduino hackers.


Just the man I was hoping would reply! Howdy Phil :slight_smile:

I was thinking that I’d leave it pretty general and guage interest in any of the centers. My hope is that someone with skills like yourself could lead the contingent down there and if there was enough interest we could do one in Wellington and up here in Auckland too.

So, if anyone’s pondering the idea then please let either Phil or myself know and if it comes together we can start to get firmer numbers and locations together.

So far I’m looking at:
Auckland: 2
Chc: May graft onto the Chc Hacker Space group - follower
Wgn: Wgn Makers/Hackers Group - See post below by follower

MindKits Chief Ninja

And hello to you Tim… :slight_smile:

Wellington Maker / Hacker group