newb: closing existing switches with transistors

I’m using a IR-D15A ( in conjunction with an Arduino board to interact with an existing device. The IR-D15A is basically a ir decoder for sony tvs - so I will be using a Sony remote.

The existing device I’m interacting with has momentary push buttons that I would like to trigger based upon output from the ir-d15a. Is there a way that I can put transistors between the ir-d15a and the contacts of the push buttons to trigger them based on ir? Is there an easier way to do this?

For this particular portion of the circuit, the arduino is completely bypassed - but if there are easier ways that would involve the arduino, I’m all for them!

Thanks in advance for the input :slight_smile:

(From the “when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail” department…)

Optoisolators? I’m using PS-2501-4 but there are lots of others. The input side works like an LED, the output side works like a simple switch; there’s no electrical connection between the two sides. I’ve found that the output side may be directional/diode-like, though, so watch for that.