Newb Dad helping Newb son with Tic Tac Toe on Arduino

Hi all,

Well I think we bit off more than we can chew.. My son has a project due this week and we are lost. He wanted to do a simple tic tac toe game with a 3 x 3 matrix of LED's and a 3 x 3 matrix of corresponding buttons. Well we can get the buttons to light up, but not stay lit.... so I'm looking for some help with latching in the code. Is this possible?

provide the code and let us have a look at it :stuck_out_tongue:

And the circuit schematic! Hand drawn and scanned or photographed will be ok.

Are the leds bi-colour? If not, how can you tell an O from an X?

will try to post tonight. Thanks All!!

Not your immediate problem, but blinking a winning line would be good.

Hey All, my son lost the code. I was hoping to have an array of 9 momentary switches and 18 LED's (2 of each color). I wanted to do a simple latch on the momentary switches and alternate by turn which LED lit up.. maybe blink the winning color/row.... i'm totally lost....