newb: how to connect potentiometer

(apologies if this is the wrong board...wasn't sure where to post!)

just got a makershed project pack v2.0 for xmas. i want to do the potentiometer example (AnalogReadSerial). but the pins on the included rotary potentiometer don't fit in any of the breadboards included with the kit. there are also some clips on the underside of this potentiometer that would preclude me from sliding it into a breadboard easily.

how do i hook this in? do i need to solder wires to the leads myself? it looks like it's made to slide into a breadboard so that seems wrong.


dude if you dont want to permanently solder wires on to the pot just hook them into the tabs on the pot and punch the other end of the wire into the breadboard....... obviously soldering wires on it would be a better and more stable connection but if your just jinnin around with it, it wont matter......generally pot's wont fit into breadboards

Cheers Hoba