Newb project - 'Autocom' homebrew

Hi all, This is my first project using an Arduino and am rather excited.

I am working my way through all the literature/posts/pages to work out how to do this, but though I'd see if anyone else has done something similar or has any suggestions...

I have a motorbike and would like to use both a radio and my iphone with my helmet mic/speaker kit.

Basically, I need to get something together to allow me to switch between the 2 devices, and use the PTT button I have with my helmet kit as either the 'answer/hangup my phone' button, or a PTT button for the radio.

To make things a little more exciting, I'd like to program it up so when in 'radio mode', I can press the button once quickly to 'lock on', or press and hold to lock on until the buttong is released.

I have 1 x Uno, and also bought a cheeky LCD screen so might intergrate that in some way, but that was more of an impulse buy than anything else :P

Anyway, any ideas that might help me on my way to arduino glory is appreciated, if not, please take this as my official 'Hello!' to the Arduino community.

Big thanks in advance!


I have one suggestion. Don't.

There are reasons why hand-held cell phone is illegal in many states. The laws are addressing a symptom, not the problem. The problem is that talking on the phone uses more resources than many people realize, leaving too few resources to operate the vehicle.

With a motorcycle, the demands on the rider are even higher. So, shut up and ride. Call when you get there, or before you leave.

With a motorcycle, the demands on the rider are even higher. So, shut up and ride. Call when you get there, or before you leave.

There are two types of motorcycle riders, those that have been down, and those that are going to go down. Been there, done that.

I've ridden over 450,000 miles in the last 18 years. I wouldn't even think about trying to talk on the phone while riding.

Wow. I am touched and relieved by your thoughts, guys. Relieved as it’s good to see more riders who appreciate the danger that is 2 wheels and that concentration is KEY to surviving each day on the road.

Zoomkat: the ‘2 types of rider’ story is one which anyone who wishes to call themselves a ‘biker’ must know, understand, appreciate and prepare for every day. I couldn’t agree more.

I work as a motorcycle marshal. As such, myself and all the other marshals have comms linked together. Sometimes it’s the phone, but usually it’s just the radio. It is something that I and all my colleagues have spent a loooong time training to use efficiently, and above all, safely. When you’re riding alongside thousands of other motorbikes/cars/whatever at sometimes very high speeds, you need to be 110% on the ball. **No room for mistakes. **

It is this very objective of safety which has brought me to trying to make the user interface even simpler, with less to do, therefore allowing more concentration to be pointed at the matter at hand - riding safely.

Well jet pilots can talk on the radio while flying very high performance aircraft, so I guess it's is a matter of training and of course the intelligence needed to be selected for such training.

The problem of course is the average automotive/motorbike driver undergoes no such rigorous intelligence selection nor training, so talking on cell phones while driving has been a pretty bad situation, at least here in California. Of course our state government decided they could fix it by banning all but hands-free cell phone while driving. I think that misses the root cause of the cell phone while driving problem, which is attention diversion rather then one hand driving, but they had to do something I guess to make us think they were on the ball. I think the really problem will never be addressed as the cell phone companies/lobbyist would not allow a real cell phone ban while driving.

Well jet pilots can talk on the radio while flying very high performance aircraf

Yes, kudos for the aircraft for putting up with those buggers! :P It really is extraordinary that plane auto-pilots are so good they can basically fly a plane from one airport to the other without pilot intervention.

How brilliantly off topic this thread has gone. Bravo all ;D