[Newb] What salvaged part can be used with arduino?

Hey there, i'm new here, planning to buy an arduino i've salvaged some old devices but i actually have no idea what can be used directly with the arduino, what is worth salvaging for basic parts (capacitor, etc) or what is just worth throwing.
I hope you can help my with this ^^.
I first salvaged an old numeric camera:
-flash circuit: http://www.dacave.fr/arduino/IMG_20140327_093036.jpg
Maybe at least the capacitor and led? or the whole thing?
-the "main board": http://www.dacave.fr/arduino/IMG_20140327_094649.jpg
with what look like a light detector, a speaker, a mini usb port, a sd card reader beneath, some big chips ^^
-the actual camera, no big hope for this one:http://www.dacave.fr/arduino/IMG_20140327_094738.jpg
maybe at least the kind of capacitor, some lens and a motor?
-the lcd screen: http://www.dacave.fr/arduino/IMG_20140327_094850.jpg
already found a post saying that it can be of no use, but maybe it has changed? ^^

then i salvaged an old mp3 player:
-the jack and usb port card: http://www.dacave.fr/arduino/IMG_20140327_093651.jpg
-the lcd screen: http://www.dacave.fr/arduino/IMG_20140327_094431.jpg
not the good interface no?
-the actual board: http://www.dacave.fr/arduino/IMG_20140327_094530.jpg
no idea if the chips can be of any use?

then an old cellphone:
-the mainboard: http://www.dacave.fr/arduino/IMG_20140327_093018.jpg
wifi chip? storage chip? bluetooth chip? micro usb port?

thanks, and if you have any advice for me to stop bother you and find by myself (without having a master in ingeeniring would be better ^^) they're welcome.

Learn how the parts work (resistor, capacitor, diode, etc)

Use common sense

Learn how to desolder without destroying ( Solder Sucker, desoldering braid etc)

Build a "junkbox" where you can collect 'sensible' recycled parts

Most of the parts in all of the devices you listed are ASIC (Application Specific IC's)

Here is a quick guide. If you can't find a Datasheet on a google search, don't bother. If your device ran on 3.3V, you will need extra parts to level shift to the 5V of the arduino to make it work.

Best advice I can offer... Find much older electronics to salvage. Ones that don't have Surface Mount parts... you may still be able to find some.