Hi guys and gals: I wont go into politics or anything else I just didn't see a place to say hi.
or a place to introduce my self. I know nothing. I bought a kit to play with and learn something new.
Hope no one is ofended if im in the wrong chat. Im 46 and i do know basic elecric stuff mainly wiring anything besides electronincs. Never touched it. i know how to trouble shoot if a board is bad and replace it , lol.
I am a maintenance person i fix industrial equipment for a living mainly ammonia refrigeration. this is just a hobby i have always been interested in, nothing more. Something to get off movies and stupid games that no longer hold my interest. I am an elctrician and can wire anything on the scale of hospitals and plants but have realy never learned the electronics that back that up. was never needed we pay other people for that . :slight_smile:

Again please forgive my lack of knowledge and alow me to join respectivly place this post where it belongs and notify me.

i have read almost every post and im still lost, i will continue to read up I am learning a lot. I will not bug yall with stupid questions as i seen in the threads yall told me to read. I will do my research Thanks .

im from texas and indiana please dont ming my yallanalogy that's how I talk to yall … : ) thakyou

Welcome to the group, you will have lots of fun with this platform.

BTW did you see the first post in this forum.


This forum is for tutorials only.

Please, in the future, look at the many forums, pick the best one to place your question.