Newbe, need to control 2 steppermotors

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I'm a programmer but new to Arduino. I would like to build something where I need to control 2 stepper motors like the Nema 17.
Since I'm starting from scratch (I'll be using a MacBook Pro for the programming) , what do I need for this setup? (From connectors to powersuply.... everything)
Can someone help me out please.

Thanks in advance,

You need to read how to and then post in the correct part of the forum - projects in your case !

You’ll need to know which stepper motors to understand the current consumption/voltage to decide in connectors power supply etc

See here for the basic control of stepper motors:
Although you will probably want to get a "stepper motor driver" (search eBay for examples) which takes care of all the technical stuff for you and the Arduino then basically just tells it which direction and how many steps (which one depends on how big the motor is you want to drive etc.)
BTW - if you are looking at a CNC type project have a look at GRBL (the ESP32 based one is very impressive)

BTW - is worth a look as it is crammed full of help/advice on Arduino staff

This just popped up in my Youtube feed which may be of interest: Beginners Guide To Using Large Stepper Motors: #087 - YouTube

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