Newbe to arduino - multichannel IR temperature array


Just recently stumbled upon this technology. Looking at methods to create a data logger system from my race car and the first thing I am interested in is to measure tire temperatures of each tire at three location (outside, middle, inside).

I would like to create a device that can record up 12 channel of Infrared temperature data to a SD card. I have seen the article ( regarding this but it does not appear to me to handle that many channels

I am thinking of using a series of Melexis Contact-less Infrared Sensor - MLX90614 3V as the sensor, but unsure what type of ardunio board etc would be the correct one to meet my needs.


How many samples per second do you intend to make? what is the total # samples per second. Have you studied the datasheet of the sensor?

The data logger shield works very well, used it successfully in some projects. Have a look at the sdfat library (storage section) for faster storage.

What do you exactly mean by inside?


Can I obtain a sample rate of 10 Hz?

What I mean by inside is regarding the zone on a tire.

What I wish to do is to mount 3 IR sensors per tire. The sensor would be postinoed to mesasure the tire at three zones: 1 for the outside edge of the tire, 1 in the middle and 1 on the inside.

Where outside is the location furthest outside relative the driver while the inside is the location closet to the driver.