newbe to arduinoin need of help

hi all as im in the need of some help so here it is I'v got a 200kva gen set a work what is for back up power it as one of my jobs is to make shore that it reedy to run when power drops out but last week the cooling radiator fans not kicking in at all . after testing and probing I found out that the cooling control module has blow out and cant be fixed a new one cost way to much to buy and the generator is going to be replaced next year . so this is all I need a programme at this point in time is to run the fans when the generator starts up it runs two fans what I need is to make them run like this

fan 1 soft start 0 rpm to full in 1min when at full rpm fan 2 kicks in by soft start then at full rpm

for the hardware I got that covered I can patch in to the old module and run off the mofets what are n-channels as all that runs off a 12v power unit and has 2 wires that are 5v signal wires

I just can't get my head a around writhing the script iv been watching youtube and reading topic's on the net but cant just get it to run .


How do you sense that the generator has started and will require cooling? You can use PWM (pulse width modulation) to ramp the fans on in the same manner as fading an LED.

I've got that all under control it runs temp sensors when it hits 95c it send 12v to the unit what ran the fans if i run the two fan off that 12v it will blow the fuse as the fans pull 16amps per fan at start up more to the point i will over heat the cabling that why i need to start one fan at a time ..

i and start the fans by pwm but cant get them to stay on let a lone get the next fan to start

can someone show me how it is done ? it will be appreciate

as the bloke at work who can do it is on long severs leave and not back for 4 more weeks