Newbee - Ambitious Project Music Spectrum in Vehicle

Forum, I've reading, and reviewing forums, tutorials for over 2 weeks now to see if I can tackle an ambitious project. I want to install multiple 2 channel music spectrums in my vehicle. I am flexible on the setup. I want install at a minimum 2 spectrums, possible 3(1 Spectrum with Strips- 2 channels, 1 with LED's- 2 channels and 1 with a small matrix 2 channel - 7 Bands) So 3 locations in the vehicle. I am gonna take a guess I would suspect I need at least 6 Arduino's and 6 music shields. I will need to use a Mosfet approach to power the setup. I will use the Bliptronics music shields.

I have some questions.

  1. Since the 3 spectrum's with have the same frequency sequences on each channel, is it possible to run(process\power) the 3 locations off 1 Arduino and 1 shield and mofsets? What is the wiring and power wiring approach?

  2. Also is it possible to run another application simultaneously for different set of LED's to do something anything unrelated to music. Or would I have to use a separate Arduino for that? Or can the program the Arduino process different set off LED's for different purposes.

I have other things in mind as I stated this is an ambitious project. I do have a background in coding for many years and I think that will help with coding once master the reference of the code with the hardware. Any comments, whether favorable or critical is appreciated. I excited about this project and have always been fascinated with LED's and have been looking for a hobby to get experience in as I head toward later part of my life. Well, I put it out there. I respectfully look forward to your comments.


Yep. I am not sure I can post a link yet. Here's an example technique I am refering too is at the website. ( should be a video there. Physically mine will not look like this. I will have my own physical design as I indicated in the post.

In the description of the shield ( sparkfun ), it says you need 2 shields in order to do L and R channels. Or am I missing something?

Thanks for clearing that up. I already have Arduinos brand new , never used. I've seen alot of sites here where you can purchase LED's, strips, ect. Is there a preference that the majority of the forum users use to purchase the LED's, switches, ect? I want to order them asap. Also, any advice of what enclosure I should get to house the setup.(arduino) I want to be able to hide it from view if possible. And since the displays will be in 3 different locations span the front, middle back of the vehicle, what kinds of wires should I purchase.

Ok, I will do a mock up of the displays. I think for the interior. I want something very small, maybe an lcd, or matrix. This is the one I will use for everyday use. the others, I only want to use to show off.