newbee   needs help !

Hello and thank you to any help on this! Im a newbee , and learning !!

What i have is a 115 volt dc motor , 1/8 hp 1.1 amp ,
I want to control this motor , with a arduino mega , i currently run this motor with 32v dc .63 amp , and 15v dc .33amp, i would like to be able to get 115 vdc to motor , then also have it be variable from 115vdc to 15 vdc .
there is more to this project , i need to figure this out first ,

Im kinda new to this stuff so someone correct me if im wrong… You would need to control the motor using a relay from one of the pins. Also, you will need a power supply circuit. You can find plans for a circuit that you would be able to plug into the wall and then innverted to DC instead of AC. Some sort of variable resistance will give you a means of getting different voltages to the motor. There are numerous circuit websites out there and that may help you out too.

There is allot more. Once you get the power source needed to offer 115VDC to the motor you’ll have to build a control circuit for it. Then you need o find a way to allow the arduino to interface with that control system. Cause the arduino is designed to work with only 5V DC so trying to get the Arduino to directly control the speed won’t be possible. Now if the control system uses a pot to dial in the speed then you can connect that pot to a stepper motor or servo that is controlled by the arduino. any switches the controller would have could be replaced by relays that the arduino can control.

thank you both for your help. I do understand that arduino , will not be able to control the 115vdc motor , i also have thought of using servo to control the pot , i had a driver card , with pot , that came with this motor , and i got thrown out !! accident !! so now i need to find another 115vdc driver , or make one ! at a low cost! i do plan on using ssr relays to control other parts of the system .

Still as said i need help finding or making 115vdc that can go down to 15vdc ?? any ideas ???