Newbee question, DC motor control over ethernet posible?

I want to controll DC moters over ethernet is this possible with Arduino.

Tutorial on youtube all seem to controll the motor over Inthernet not 'Stand allown ethernet'

Witch boards do I need if it's possible.

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Arduino ethernet, Yun or just about any board with an ethernet/WiFi module.

Yeah, control over a local area network is possible; easier than internet because you dont have the firewall nor the same level of security concern

Thanks for the quick reply.
Just to clarify I need the 1xYun, 1 ethernet shield and 1x moter shield??


Well, the ethernet and motor shield can't be used at the same time because the share a few pins on the UNO(Found that one out the hard way last week...).

But it should work on the arduino LEO + ethernet shield + motor shield.

A Yun


any other Arduino board that can use shields, plus an ethernet shield (or module for ethernet that isn't a shield - these are harder to use, but cheaper).

Either way, you also need either a motor control shield - unless you only want to make it go one direction, in which case you can just use a single MOSFET to switch it.

I was not clear enough in my question.

Wat I need is one controller where I can input 4 DI (direction) and 4 AI (speed) -> ethetnet -> 4 PVM for motor.
I normaly do it with one PLC and one DC driver with ethernet, but they are to big... :slight_smile:

So can I do that with: Yun -> ethernet sheild + motor sheild?


You need something to plug each end of the ethernet cable into, if you want it to go over ethernet.

On the end controlling the motor, that has to be an ethernet-capable Arduino of some sort, plus a motor shield.

On the other end, the one with the data entry, that could be a computer on the same LAN as the motor controllers, acting through a simple webpage served by the Arduino on the motor end, or it could be a second ethernet-capable Arduino with some buttons on it, which fires off requests over the network.

An "ethernet-capable Arduino" would be:

an Arduino Yun (with no ethernet shield - it's got that built in)
any arduino that can accept shields, plus an ethernet shield