Newbee want to control 12 or 24 V Solenoid valve via WIFI and IFTT


I can't find a product that works the way I want to. I am not afreight to tinker but this is new grounds for me.

Project is 10 - 20 individual sololenoid valves for an irrigation system.
Most valves will be spaced far apart over a 3acre property and need to be controlled individually.
In order to controll them I am thinking about using Google speadsheets and IFTT.

Given the distances I need to use WiFi or I can use ethernet and provide power via POE.

What components do I need and will I be able to manage them individually without having to become a programmer?

Looking forward to your reply,


You haven't given much information but this may help to focus your requirements.

3 Acres could be a plot say 120 meters by 100 meters.
You have to run power to the solenoid valves anyway. You could simply use a star arrangement and switch the solenoid valves from a central point.

This simple model breaks down if it means significantly higher cable costs or you need some 'intelligence' at the points where the valves are located (eg humidity/temperature measurement devices which also has to send information back to a control unit). If the valve assemblies are completely autonomous then you don't need to send any signal around.

If you have intelligence at each solenoid valve location, then you could run the power wires in a bus arrangement and have the solenoid valves individually addressable for external control (if that is required)

WLAN is completely feasible here.

IFTTT is an abbreviation of "If This Then That". I had to look it up. If it is a requirement that this is integrated into your solution, you may have to find another forum for help. But interesting that a hobby farmer is apparently investigating such technologies.

from a logistis point, you will not be putting your valves out at the corners, although the final water will reach out that far.

it would be possible to have one row of water and all valves in that center row, with hoses out to the crops.

as was mentioned, if you have soil moisture sampling and such, then you will have sensors out near the far reaches.

If you have solar power, you could have mulitple controllers that are wireless. it seems you have lots and lots of options here.

take some time to sketch out your land, where the main water lines run, as that will be the easiest place to run your power as well. if you sketch it out a few ways, and lay out the typical distances of your wirelss options, and your wired options, the answers may present themselves. if you have a bowling alley or a squre, the layout may dictate your parts selection.

as for POE, you need to allow for the power of the solenids. frequency of operation and method of operation. A motorized valve fails in place. needs power to open, then again to close.

Some solenoids need power to change state each way and use no power while in state. most require power to hold position.

I would offer that if you start with one loop. add in all your sesnors, controller(arduino?) and valve, you can get a feel for the work involved and make a second, use a different set-up and see how that works.

as for control, once you get one up an running, you will find that simple 'keep it wet' is all you need. google spreadsheets and such might be fun for data logging, but not needed for control.