newbi to aurdino want help with college project

i am developing rfid based payment system in which i have used aurdino uno with eternet shield which connect to phpmyadmin database and connected board to hexkeypad and display.
i don't know any aurdino programming and searched project based on same concept. so i find a project which is done on atmega 32 and custom made rfid sensor but i want use mifare mfrc522 and aurdino. since im new to coading, i cant understand these codes and where formatting is required.
so any one help we it please

board aurdino uno with ethernet shield
rfid sensor mfrc522
display 2 line 16 char
all the files are attached i have also attached mfrc522 library files


ethlib.cpp (11.5 KB)

ethlib.h (1.05 KB)

lcd_lib.cpp (8.46 KB)

lcd_lib.h (4.41 KB)

MFRC522.cpp (72.6 KB)

MFRC522.h (23.6 KB)

MFRC522Extended.cpp (34 KB)

MFRC522Extended.h (4.08 KB)

rfid.cpp (4.14 KB)

rfid.h (151 Bytes)

state_machine1.ino (9.77 KB)

uart.cpp (4.18 KB)

uart.h (1010 Bytes)

Did you already run the example programs, coming with each library?

i don't know any aurdino programming

That would definitely be the place to start. Buy an Arduino and study the examples that come with the software package.