Newbie Alert

Hello everyone…

I am a total Ardunio Noob, I am a developer so not new to the world of programming and electronics is one of my main hobbies, so not new to that either, but sticking them together is something I’ve always fancied but only just taken the plunge…

Sorry I haven’t really had a good look if this question has been asked before :-[ and I’m not sure of the best place to post this (I’m apolagising as I know some people get upset about things like this…)

right here goes…

ok say I’ve made my 1st really exciting flashing LED project (just an example) and I want to keep this forever but still want to use my Ardunio for other exciting projects.

Is it possible to buy another chip and swap them and create a really simple minium requirement circuit on say prototype board… I’m guessing it is, but what would the basic circuit look like???



I am quite the noob and asked the same question. This is the great response that I got: I ended up going with the rbbb kit from modern electronics, bought two for 29 bucks shipped.

cheers for the reply tkuper05