newbie and puzzled by A4988

This is a newbie question:

I need to drive a stepper moter (14HS11-1004S here: Moteur 14HS11-1004S - Moteurs pas-à-pas | GO TRONIC)

the vendor advise to use the Polulu A4988 driver module.

Then begin the fog for me.
Polulu web site list this library :GitHub - laurb9/StepperDriver: Arduino library for A4988, DRV8825, DRV8834, DRV8880 and generic tw
That is obviously very unclear. poor documentation.

And I found this one as an alternative:
looking more friendly.

Any suggestions please ?

My need is to make the stepper turning constantly a speed defined by a potentiometer position (the potentiometer will be read on a A pin or the UNO, then a value must be sent to the driver to set the rotation speed.
a Stop/Go button (one impulsion we change the state rotate or stop it) must be added too.

How can I do this please.

Thank you

These links may help to provide some background knowledge
Stepper Motor Basics
Simple Stepper Code

The AccelStepper library is widely used.

However, as can be seen from my examples, an A4988 is easy to drive without any library if you don't need the acceleration features of AccelStepper.


Start with the AccelStepper examples, configure for DRIVER mode (step+direction pins).

AccelStepper stepper (AccelStepper::DRIVER, step_pin, direction_pin) ;

Follow the current setting proceedure for your motor.

You always need acceleration feature when using anything but a tiny tiny stepper, otherwise you'll
fail to reach full performance. (the motor will skip rather than accelerate instantly).

thank you for those informations. I'll probably be back soon once I'll actually work on the project