Newbie Arduino blinds???

Hi all,
Just got my first arduino and this is my first project. I wish to make blinds that open when the sun rises and close when the sun goes down,I also wish to put a override function in by using 2 tactile switches. So far I have come to the conclusion that a steeper motor is the way to go and have found one that fits inside my blinds,I see other people are using a steeper control boards,are these necessary? Also I see you can get light sensors and these come as a single diode or as a shield,will either work for my project?
All advice welcome!

For light detection a Light Dependent Resistor is an easy to interface sensor. Google Arduino LDR to see how to hook it up and code for it. Steppers need a driver board because an Arduino can't supply enough current to power a stepper. The particular driver to use depends on your stepper. Do you have a data sheet or part number for your stepper?

Ive ordered some resistors and some of these and a a4988 stepper board. If they dont work then I can have a play with them as they were cheap and they fit inside the blinds with 8mm to spare. The only others I could find were some nema 8 motors and I think they might be a little overkill.