Newbie Arduino BT GSR Project

Hi, I'm a third year ICT student doing a final year project. I have an ArduinoBT 328 board and need to build a circuit that will measure a users stress levels, similar to how a lie detector works using Galvanic Skin Response. My problem is all the examples I can find online just seem to involve activating a buzzer/LED on the circuit. I want to send the data, at about 0.5 second intervals, to a Python script on a NokiaN97 and display it in real time. I am having a lot of trouble finding any documentation specifically concerning the ArduinoBT and especially concerning the ArduinoBT interfacing with a Python script. As I am an ICT student and not an Engineering/Electronics student I am completely new to the circuit design side of this and a lot of it seems alien to me, which I can only apologise for.

Any help would really be appreciated, I'm tearing my hair out over this.

Follow this link for an example of the kind of thing I'm looking to do:

WIthout the bluetooth, there is a simple Lie-detector using GSR in the book ‘30 Arduino Projects for the Evil Genius’.

You can download the Arduino sketch from that URL. The design is very simple, and just uses a potential divider connected to an analog input, where the subject is one of the sides of the potential divider, and a 1M (I think) resistor is the other side.

Thank you for the advice Simon, I have purchased a copy of the book as it appears to contain very useful information. I downloaded the circuit design file from your website but am unable to open .gstencil files on my laptop as I am running windows and not MAC OS, do you know of any way around this? As I say I am new to this. In your opinion do you think I will be able to get any of these projects working using the ArduinoBT board I have? I think I should be able to do, once the sketch is on the board it should work, it's just getting sketches onto the board I am having trouble with, there appears to be very little documentation in this area. If not I'm sure the book will be very useful reference material anyway.

Hi Leakster, Sorry only just found your message on Twitter - I really need to get a grip on this social media stuff.

Yes you should be fine with the Arduino BT.

I am afraid the circuit design templates only work on OmniGraffle, which is Mac only. But I am sure that there are other circuit drawing tools around for other platforms. The stencil download is only for designing circuits, its by no means essential for the book.

Good luck, and any problems then the arduinoevilgenius facebook page is probably the best way to get in touch.