Newbie: Banzi's 'Getting Started with Arduino' ...

Hi all.

I have thrown myself into Arduino and just love it all! I have almost completed the teachings in the above book but have a question re: Driving Bigger Loads section (in my edition, p.68/69) where a diagram is provided (with MOSFET and diode) to power a small fan. I built the circuit but there isn't a sketch to run it!! Have I got motors wrong? Do I just connect the USB and let it run? Any advice greatly appreciated. :)

Page 70?

The pages before that explain PWM and analogwrite for a LED.
The code for a mosfet/fan is basically the same.

... I'll take a look... thanks Leo!

... sorry - just got back onto the arduino project.... so you're telling me that if I use circuit on page 70 and plug in the USB, I won't fry the board? I would hate to do that. :'(