Newbie - Can you identify these components for my Son please?

Sorry for such a simple question!

A year or so ago I tried to buy the Arduino kit for my ten year old son from the official shop but it was always out of stock. I eventually resorted to getting a kit from ebay (China)

Unfortunately the components were not labeled. Can you identify them for us?

I have attached a photo of the parts.

I’m guessing that no.3 are some sort of switches and that no.4 and maybe no.5 are some sort of displays but we would really like to know the specific names (and part numbers if applicable)

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Here’s the OP’s pic inline for reference without downloading:


1 looks like a piezo buzzer.

2 is difficult (impossible?) to tell since that's a common form factor across many components and indeed within similar components. Maybe a transistor? But if so, no idea what model.

3 are just simple push buttons

4 is a 7 segment (edit: with decimal) display but cant tell if it's common cathode or anode

5 not sure of official name but it's an "led array" for want of a better word, I think.

in the component 2 , if there is Written "temp " in it , its a temperature sensor . it use to come w/ some Arduino kits.

When you get to use the little buttons, refer to this pic. There are as you will see, 4 legs but 2x pairs are connected all the time and the switch connects the pairs.


There have been a few posts about switches not working, meanwhile the user had wires on the connected legs. Simple rule is to connect the wires you want switched diagonal to each other, then they will always be switched.

Silly question but, have you looked at #2 with a magnifying glass in really good light? Sometimes the markings are invisible (dark printing on dark plastic) until you "luck" on just the right angle of light and Voila the label jumps out at you.

Looks like #2 is an IR receiver similar to TSOP4838 maybe.


Hmmm could be Larry but I didn't discern the lens on the front; now that you mention it there may be a glint from the lens in the pic. Perhaps OP could take a new pic showing the bubble if any?

If it is a TSOP let's hope somewhere in the pack there's an IR emitter, or of course OP may have TV remote.

I agree with Larry. The bubble is fairly clear when it’s blown up:-

@Kiama, are you in Kiama? (If so, we’re almost neighbours. I’m in Nowra.)

This is #2 with some image attributes messed around with ...

You should work for the CIA.


#5 is 8x8 LED matrix. There should be a part number on the side.

#1 could do with a better pciture, there's some printing on the top.

The usual sticker is a warning about how and when to wash the board and when the sticker can be removed.

I encountered one sticker that had an RoHS statement.

One particularly badly worded sticker coupled with a younger more ignorant me had me washing the buzzer in soapy water before removing the sticker. The buzzer was ruined by the experience.

Here's the OP's pic inline for reference without downloading:

#1 could be a microphone.

Most of those components have part numbers on them. Look closely, The leds could be common anode or common cathode the TO92 device could literally be anything. The piezo is obvious. Get a magnifying glass and write down the part numbers or take a closeup photo and post it.