Newbie - conflicting return type

I am trying to get a Newhaven I2C display #NHD-042993Z to work with my Mega R3.

Can someone tell me how to fix the error displayed in the attached image?

Better post your code, gives more info...

That message has come up many times. The write() method in the Print class changed from a void return type to a size_t return type.

The Print class is the base class for many libraries. Those libraries that re-implement the write() method need to be changed to use the correct return type for the write() method.

In your case, that has not (yet) been done.

You could do it, and be sure to add a return statement to the write() method that actually returns a value, or you could look for a more recent version of the library.

Thanks PaulS,

It turned out to be a lot more work than I anticipated (very discouraging) to be able to write to my I2C display, more than just the return type issue.

Here is the what works for me in case anyone else wants it.

This folder goes in Arduino libraries directory and then the I2C Newhaven examples of Dale Wentz worked for me. (2.17 KB)