newbie diy 16 step sequencer usb

16 step sequencer usb


I can’t find any circuit diagram online to make my sequencer.

How much money would you take to create one for me ?

If you are interested and have the time to do this,

here are some details:

little plastic unit with 10 pads to trigger sounds, 16 lights+switches for the sequencing (tr808 style

Are the best),

You press a designated pad and then place it in the sequence by pressing the 16 bottoms switches.

there must be a stop and play button and a tempo adjustment wheel.

Connected by usb for power and to send numbers to the computers (No midi no notes here).

So it’s very basic, but I want the unit’s pads to send out numbers from zero to nine,

and the sequencer must also send out numbers.

It’s basically going to trigger samples on an app on my computer.

A numerical keypad can be used to replace the pads if it makes things easier

A raspberry pi or Arduino can be used to make things easier or less soldering

thank you!

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I do not understand what you want to do but you might go over to then search for "trellis" or "neotrellis". Adafruit makes parts and kits for USB button controllers. However, you will have to write code to make it do what you want.