Newbie embedding Atmega328 on breadboard

Hope I am not double posting but am looking to buy some 328’s use my existing Duemilanove board to add the bootloader and program. The plan then was to create a breadboard project and then finally to create a custom PCB.

I Have found an excellent tutorial for the Atmega168 on the ITP Physical Computing website.

My question is whether the tutorial is going to work for the 328 or are there differences? For example should I use the same components and should they be the same values?

Thanks in advance

whether the tutorial is going to work for the 328

Electrically they are the same, you just need to load the right boot loader for the chip.

For the breadboard example the 168 and 328 are interchangeable because they have the same pinout.

In addition to the breadboard example at ITP Physical Computing website you may also like to take a look my perfboard arduino project

It is based on the original example, but is a step by step guide to build a version of the circuit on a perfboard for insertion into the breadboard, like the boarduino, saving space on the breadboard.

Here is a link to my first version, which failed but is good learning info
Perfboard Standalone I
and here is the working version, with a step by step guide to building your own.
Perfboard Standalone II

Good luck

I have a video and picture tutorial on how to set up an ATMega328 on a breadboard with a pin13 blink app.