Newbie first post. Setup my Arduino and loaded bljnk sketch, now what?

I followed the instructions to connect my Arduino and loaded the blink sketch. Not sure what to do next as there are no instructions on how to get rid of the blink sketch. I just have blue board sat next to my laptop with a blinking red light on it. :o

You get rid of the old sketch by simply putting in a new one.

There is no special commands or process to get rid of it as such.

If you used the EXAMPLES sketch then just go through them one by one if you have the components to do so.

Try changing some parts of the code to see different results.
In blink change the DELAY value to set the blink rates.

What you do with your Arduino is only limited by your imagination and the limits of the board but you will find them pretty flexible.

So if i just write a sketch that says;

void setup() {} void loop() {}

Then that will effectively rub out the blink program and set the board back to what it was without the blink program on it?