Newbie - first project

For a uni project I want to use the arduino and a create a small package to place it in for my project.

For the project I it to be based on a hide and seek game with the arduino you hide.
And when someone is looking for it, I want it to have a small speaker connected with it so when some ones searching for it, there's audio coming out. For example I want to record phrases like "I'm over here" and play them through the speaker every 10 seconds or so.

Then when the person finds the user I want there to be a sensor, so the arduino knows when it has been picked up and then I want it to start flashing different colours through the LED lights and perhaps play a song, to show the user that they have found it.

I'm just wondering if this is do-able as I've just got a LED light to light up on my arduino haha, if so, how would I go about doing it.

Sorry if this is confusing lol.

Sounds doable. For sound I like to use the Wave Shield from Adafruit.
You store WAV files on an SD card and the Arduino play them.