Newbie: GPS Logger


I am brand new and don't even have an arduino yet. I want to build a GPS logger that can run for a long time (~24 hours, so low power drain) and log locations to something like an SD card.

Where do I start? Which Arduino do I get that can handle GPS and which GPS module do you suggest?

I do have electronics experience so I'm okay with breadboarding and also can program (prefer Linux).



Take a look on Adafruits GPS shiels, it has interface for sifferent GPS modules and a SD card connector... Works fine with a Duemillenove, I have not tested it with a Uno, but I doubt there should be any issues there :grin:

Thanks Hideout!

Well, I’ve taken that first important step. I went to the nearby RS and picked up a new Arduino Uno. I then installed Arduino 1.0 on my Linux/Ubuntu server and successfully uploaded the sample first program that controls the onboard LED. Yay!

So I guess the next step is to start getting add-ons such as the GPS module and shield that you referred to.

I can think of lots of neat ways to use this to capture data using sensors for temperature and the like and then logging it with the current position.

Fun stuff!