Newbie - Help getting started:

Greetings. I have just started tinkering with the Arduino system. I have purchased the Arduino “UNO” board, the 1602 Board keypad, and a little 5 Volt motor c/w a UL2003 Board. (This can be checked out in this You Tube Video.: ) Go in 20 to 25 seconds and you will see the board. If I was to use just the UNO board, power comes from pins 6,7,8,9,however when I place the 1602 keypad on the board I have covered all those pins, which pins do I use on the keypad to connect the power to the UL2003 board. I have a program already loaded into the UNO to control the motor. I just need to hook the wires up and I’m ready to go.

Any help for a old fellow (75 yrs) would be greatly appreciated.


in Kelowna,BC.

From the schematic I just looked at for one 1602, pins 6-9 are being used by the shield. You will need to find out what pins aren't being used by the shield and break them out for the motor. Then change the code for the motor to use your new pins that you selected.