Newbie help making multiple drums flash with LEDs

Help request Arduino. There is so much to look at I’m overwhelmed. I have electric drums including snare, 4 toms, kick or bass drum,high hat and 3 cymbals. My cymbals are acrylic and Ive already embedded SMD LEDs into the edge so that 12 volts will fire them up. I would be creating a box with an input and equal output for every piece. The inputs would come from the Roland TD 15 sound module. Then I can jump right over to the other side where an equal amount of TRS jacks will allow the circuit to complete for the drum part. Then I thought I could steal the piezo signal and run it to one of these boards. Im hoping one of these boards can handle more than one drum. Then right next to each output TRS I would put some other type of jack depending on my wire requirements. Right now im single color which is fine. Each drum can be different, unless you know how I can make say a cymbal cycle colors RGB every time its struck? Please I build guitars so Im good at soldering pots in guitars but I am no way an electronics expert but I follow directions well. Ill gladly pay someone to write the program too. I have an apple IMac and no access to any windows computer. Thanks for your patients. My direct email if thats ok is


Sounds like a very interesting project.

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