Newbie help with MIDI foot pedal board

I didn't know which forum are would be right for this, so pardon if I'm in the wrong spot.

I'm planning on building my first ever piece of hardware and would love to make this a community learning experience for the whole forum. Pics will be uploaded once I begin!

I've been doing a lot of work in Pd and am sick of using hacked solutions for foot pedals (mainly been using the [hid] object with mice for those of you who dig Pd). I'm also curious about DIY electronics and have been meaning to get a soldering iron and find a cool little project to learn with. With that in mind, here's my idea:

I'd like to create a MIDI pedal board with three on off buttons and one expression-type pedal. The idea is that each sends generic MIDI on separate channels so I can use it with any software, even something like Logic. But...I really have no idea where to begin.

Software wise, I feel relatively confident given my college Java experience, I'd just need some guidance here and there I think. It's the hardware that scares me. Once I've gotten a Arduino board and, say, three mice and a expression pedal...where do I even begin???

Again pardon me if this question is too newbie, but any help would be appreciated! Let's build this thing together!

Yep wrong, this should be about software interfacing to other languages but a lot of people make that mistake no problems. This sort of thing should be in Hardware interfacing.

where do I even begin?

Begin by reading the examples and doing the tutorials even if it is not directly to your project.

Then you can get more specific with examples on the playground:-
There is a whole heap of MIDI stuff on there.

Best of luck. :slight_smile:

Ah perfect! That's what I need: basic tutorials. Then I'll jump into the cool stuff. One question for you, other than a board, a USB cable, and some LEDs, what gear do I need? Do you think it's necessary for me to get a soldering station? Thanks; looking forward to when I have the free time to get started!

You defiantly need a soldering iron, probably not a work station. An oscilloscope is almost invaluable for seeing what is going on. Otherwise a hand full of LEDs switches and wire.
Here is a schematic of a MIDI shield I made:-

I made it on this shield:-

Also there is absolutely no need to use mice.

Buy some decent footswitches from one of the DIY guitarpedal places.

Small bear electronics has a really good reputation in the guitar effects circles: