Newbie help with playground

Newbie here. This is my first play in the playground. I have added a description page and an index link to a library I have written for a sensor. I have added an Attach: image tag to the description page. When I try to upload the image I am asked for a password. Is this a block restriction or is it individual? What is required to enable uploading of images? Any help appreciated. Cheers, JohnF

I have no idea how to edit the Playground, and I am a moderator here.

I think maybe they are banned, your original IP that's why you do not collect the password.

OK Just checked out this page It has pictures on it using the "Attach:" key, so clearly pictures work, just not mine. I use the "Attach:" key and am asked for a password. My forum password does not work.

Who should I be contacting regarding this? The author of the above page must have had the requested password, so how does anyone get the approval required to post pictures?


I don't know, to be honest. Try: