Newbie here - Component list for Duemilanove?

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Im new to this forum (hopefully this is the right section to ask this). I am trying to make a Duemilanove from scratch. While I was able to locate the schematic file for it, I haven’t found a parts list for it. (there is soo much information to look through on this site, it is possible I have overlooked it. But – its better to have too much information - than too little :slight_smile: )

(I’d say my soldering skills are reasonable-- and my electronics knowledge - is still in the learning stage if that helps)

Also, I was wondering… considering that this arduino connects via usb port – is it possible to safeguard the connection (maybe fuse all the connections to the usb ) so that if anything goes wrong, it doesn’t damage my computer?

Thanks in advance for any responses. :slight_smile:

Cant find the Arduino Duemilanove component list, but are you 100% sure you need to make the Duemilanove?

There are a tone of other boards that have been design for self build, such as:

Arduino Single-Sided Serial Board (version 3)

The Bare Bones Board (BBB)

breadboard Arduino
(Only uses 10 different components)

I have all 4, but tend to use the Duemilanove as a glorified AVR programmer, as all my applications to date can use the simple stand alone breadboard Arduino, just built onto strip board.

Hi there,
Thanks for replying :slight_smile:
Maybe if I tell you why I would like to build it - it might help. I am trying to build a 3D printer. One of the things noted for it, is that it needs an arduino (I belive it will need one for the stepper motors, and one for the extrusion – then again, I have been been struck by information overload- and have been trying to sort out all the inportant information)

I noticed the single sided board - however it is made with a serial connection instead of a usb connection. I do not know how difficult it would be to change that to a usb connection (or if that unit would be just as good for the 3d printer).

I thought of the Duemilanove for a few reasons:

  • it has a usb connection
  • (if I am not mistaken) it can run max 32 kb (ATmega328). I figure I should think ahead with building this – so having the largest capacity now (instead of having to upgrade later ) would be a good idea. And I think this one isn’t too hard to install programming on (bootloader already included?) (I’m not a programmer, so I’d like to be able to download the needed programs and install them - without needing to know a lot of programming skills.)

With all this in mind, and the fact you have 4 units and have a better take on them, do you think that I’m on the right track with thinking that the Duemilanove is my right choice?

Thanks :slight_smile:

One point to keep in mind is the USB on the Duemilanove (and all Arduino’s) is in fact not true USB, but a FT232RL USB to Serial and it would be easy to use something like the Breakout Board for FT232RL USB to Serial on the single sided board to replace the serial port.


Im also 73% sure that the ATmega328 can be used on the single sided board, or most Arduino’s buy just using this simple hack

But im sure someone who know more then me will step in, and brake it down for you.

Personally I love the Duemilanove, but as a product not a project to build.

I would find it a lot more easy to make your own custom USB single sided board then even attempt a doublesided Duemilanove with tones of surface mount components.

Even a stand alone board with one of the Breakout Board for FT232RL USB to Serial would do what you need it to do.

IMHO buy a Duemilanove and love it, but build a custom “p7duino” for your project.

Ok - I’m still learing about this :slight_smile: I agree that a single sided board would be best to make (not to mention - a lot less hassle). And I (after inverting and un-mirroring the PCB - Soldering side) noticed as you said, that the serial connection could be replaced easily (the serial connection is only using 4 connections - and a USB only has 4 connections as well) (I still have to figure out how to make the usb connection totally fused. I remember reading that some of the arduino units have that fused - but with the one sided board are the connections using fuses too?)

And Thanks for the link to - and how it shows that you can use the 328 on the board. That helps greatly!!

The unit I create will not look as nifty as the breakboard ones, since I’ll be using a general purpose board for this. There are lots of components I have to create to make the 3D printer. I am very anxious to get started :slight_smile:


If you were dead set on making your own Duemilanove (never seen it done, and the thought of the though holes, double-sided and surface mounts still give me nightmares!!!)

All the values for components will be in the Eagle files, select Run from the File menu and run bom.ulp. and that should list them all for you like this.

Qty Value Device Parts
1 10-XX S1
1 JP4E X3
2 PINHD-1X8 J1, J3
1 PN61729 X4
6 1k R-EU_ R4, R5, R6, R7, R8, R9
3 10k R-EU_ R1, R10, R11
2 22p C-EU C2, C3
1 100_NM R-EU_ R2
9 100n C-EU C1, C4, C5, C8, C9, C10, C11, C12, C13
2 100u CPOL-EUD C6, C7
1 500mA L-EUL1812 F1
1 ATMEGA8 AT90S4433P IC1
1 FT232RL FT232RL IC2
1 LM358D LM358D IC5
1 MC33269D-5.0 MC33269D-5.0 IC4
1 NDT2955 PMOSSOT223 T1

(Build the single sided, or buy a Duemilanove ;))

ALSO…don’t know a lot about the project you are working on, but take it you will need to run stepper motors…playing around with them my self so you may find the following links useful…I did ;D

Circuit for Bipolar Stepper Motor
(try and get a 4 pin, the seem easier to work with for me and the sn754410ne H-bridge that runs the motor is only about $3)

Stepper Motor Control 101 (with some sample Arduino code)

hope that helps a little, would be good to feel like im giving something back after all the help iv got from here… :smiley:

Hi there:)

Thanks for the information. :slight_smile: Since you are working on stepper motors now too, here is a link to something you might find helpful:

That is what got me thinking that I could create my own 3D printer without having to spend a small fortune on it. And – with that in mind, I have been trying to get as many scanner units from the thrift stores as I can. And scanner stepper motors (at least from what I have gotten so far) are the bipolar type. And in the cases where the motor is coming from a scanner, there is a belt unit already attached to the motor – which I think will help out when making the 3 D printer (since the belt should be the correct lenght already - and if not I can always shorten it)

“If you were dead set on making your own Duemilanove (never seen it done, and the thought of the though holes, double-sided and surface mounts still give me nightmares!!!)”

Technically, it could be done on two single sided boards :wink: I’d just have to flip one over and have one as the top, and one as the bottom :stuck_out_tongue: But I won’t worry about doing that, since the single sided arduino looks like the best option for me now.

Thanks Again :slight_smile: