Newbie here, please help.

So, I have been working on this quadruped robot with 8 legs (which operates off of 8 9g servos). I am trying to use the .writeMicroseconds function from the Servo library, which allows me to move the horn on the servo. The problem I have, is after writing the code to move each horn of the servo once, I cannot move the servo again. I believe this is because the servo is still being told to be in the previous position, but i'm not sure how to fix this. I am not sure if there is a command to halt previous lines of code, but any help there is i will gratefully take. thank you in advance!

quadruped robot with 8 legs

Does not compute !

Once commanded to a position a servo will remain there until commanded to go to a different position, so why can't you move the servo again I wonder ?

Do you think it might help if you posted your current code so that we can see what you have done ?