Newbie here........Quick question


Thank you for reading my question, I'm newbie here, and I've already downloaded the Arduino IDE and been reading the tutorials, and I would like to explore some ideas in creating gadgets with LCD Touch Screens. Is it necessary to have a breadboard to test out your ideas, or can I used shields to apply to the LCD Touch Screen to test out my program. I'm interested in creating touch screens applications that users can use. I've been reading some post regarding arduino simulators, but most of them are for Windows, and I have a Mac-Mini. Thank again and God Bless....




A breadboard is just convinient way to attach small circutis/components to the Arduino. If the LCD can be plugged directly to the ARduino then you do not need a breadboard. Directy means there are simple wires from LCD shield to Arduino.

this caught my eye recently.

looks interesting