Newbie - How to do power leveling? Board/Shield compatibility


I'm currently thinking of starting a project where I'd like to use the Mega 2560 board and the MKR relay proto shield. Are these shields compatible? I don't know how to assess whether or not they are.

If it is possible to combine them, how would I have to go about the power leveling necessary? I have no idea where to start.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

It looks like the shield accepts a MKR board on the headers. It will not, directly, fit a Mega 2560. A better choice for a Mega might be one of the many multi-relay modules.

What are you driving? Something like a motor driver or MOSFET driver may be more appropriate.

What is power leveling to you? Like leveling a RV?

Google thinks power levelling is a technique in multiplayer computer games...